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floor screed

Floor Screed

When it comes to the supply of floor screed, we have it covered here at Concrete Express. No matter where you are in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Oxford or the surrounding areas, you can be sure that, whether your project is domestic or commercial, our dedicated contractors can supply you with floor screed and service of the highest quality.

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Our floor screed is always mixed to the very best standard so that it provides the ideal finish to your concrete flooring. In fact, we offer the following screeds, so you can be sure that, whatever project you’re working on, you can rely on us to provide the most suitable floor screed:

  • Screed 5 (Fibres/5:1) Ideal for providing a smooth finish to floors. 5:1 indicates the ratio of sharp sand to cement, meaning that this is the weakest screed
  • Screed 4 (Fibres/4:1) A suitable screed for providing a smooth finish to floors. 4:1 indicates the ratio of sharp sand to cement, meaning that this is a medium strength screed (and is our most popular mix)
  • Screed 3 (Fibres/3:1) Provides a smooth finish for floors. 3:1 indicates the ratio of sharp sand to cement, which makes this the strongest of the 3 screeds we offer

Whether you require same or next day delivery, we can help, and you’re guaranteed a 2 hour time slot for your floor screed. This means that you can be suitably prepared on-site for the arrival of the screed.

In addition, we also offer high quality ready-mixed or flexible on-site mixed screeds, which means that we’re cost-effective.

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We promise an efficient and cost effective service and high quality concrete mixed to your specific requirements to ensure no waste - but don’t just take our word for it! Come back soon to watch our company video to find out why you can rely on our team to help your project run smoothly.

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